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Misco's survey on Social Media Usage Trends in Malta in 2018 revealed the following. 80% of respondents feel exposed to online advertising mainly from the internet (58%) and social media (57%).

Malta has the second highest usage of social media in the EU. The most common social media platforms in Malta are Facebook. 89% of users use it daily. The second most popular social media platform is Instagram.

However, do not be fooled! It is not only the younger generation which has been captivated by the social media phenomenon. The elderly are also very active on social media. Both the young and the elderly refer to a company’s social platforms to get information about their products and services prior to making a purchase.

Keeping all this in mind, do you think your business can afford to be absent from social media? We don’t think so…

Social Marketing
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At NB Marketing we can assist you with not only being present on social media but leaving your mark.

The NB Marketing methodology is as follows:

  1. Evaluation through a Digital Audit:
    What is your current social media presence? Which channels are being used? Are they the right ones? Should we add more and discard channels which are not working or are they not working simply because they are not being used in an efficient and effective way?
  2. Setting Goals:
    What do we plan to achieve? Which actions will we take to achieve these results? Which customers do we want to attract? Which content will we develop in order to attract them?
  3. Planned Course of Action:
    Which social media platforms will we use to disseminate our messages? What budgets are we allocating? Which resources do we need and what is the schedule of our planned campaign?
  4. Measuring:
    How effective has our campaign been? Have we managed to generate more traffic and conversions? Could we have done something differently? Which corrective actions should we consider when planning our next campaign?


Let’s face it, anyone who does not have a Facebook profile nowadays is regarded as a sort of alien. Just by guessing you could assume that your target audience, as well as your competitors, are present on Facebook. However, having a business Facebook page and not using it properly can turn out to be more harmful than beneficial. Maintaining a relevant and effective presence on Facebook takes up a lot of time and resources. Notwithstanding, the benefits you can reap out of mastering the art of managing your Facebook page will be rewarded.


Instagram is one of the most utilised social media platforms in Malta. As opposed to Facebook, Instagram is mainly image based. This does not mean that is it less effective. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and indeed it is. Moreover, Instagram gives any user a lot of feedback about how the account is fairing, which content is attracting most engagement, demographics about your audience etc… All this information is useful in order to tweak your communication to the specifications of your audience.

NB Marketing can assist you in growing your audience, managing and creating content. We can also help you by managing your social media platforms, advertising, increasing followers’ engagement and driving conversion.

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