Beauty By Bex


Rebecca has been practicing beauty therapy for nearly twenty years. She owns her own beauty salon where she offers a vast array of beauty treatments as well as a warm smile and a relaxing atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle that everyday life brings with it.


Having owned her business for so long, Rebecca (known to everyone as ‘Bex’) wanted to freshen up the logo since she was also in the process of building her own e-commerce website. She was after something simple, yet sophisticated, soft and relaxing. Informal in a very friendly way just as she is.

Client Feedback

I thought I knew what I wanted at least in terms of colours – gold and black. While NB Marketing still designed something along those colours, they also put forward other proposals which they felt were more suitable to my brand. One of these proposed logos stood out. We embarked on a journey of fonts, colour schemes and more until the logo was perfectly to my liking. I wouldn’t have managed it without their assistance. They did a great job, were really helpful and I love my logo!

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