Home for a lovely selection of homeware, leather ware, jewellery, bags, scents, fine teas and as of lately our distinguishable gift boxes and hampers. A store for home lovers, hygge seekers, dreamers, and fashion forward people. People who value quality, artisan ship, premium scents and fine teas. This is a store for people who like to be distinguished and who put a lot of thought when buying gifts. This is a store for people who are passionate about Christmas. This is a store for summer lovers. This is a store for people who find their hygge in autumn. This is a store for people who view winter as their wonderland. This is us. This is TEAL by Lola’s Rooms


To rebrand Lola’s Gift Boutique by creating a new identity that appeals to the potential clients of an up-market gift boutique.

Client Feedback

NB Marketing were a breath of fresh air. They helped us rebrand our gift boutique and we worked very well together. Communication was always easy and very pleasant. The fresh ideas and professional service made our experience a very pleasant one.

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