Traditional Marketing

A large chunk of your audience is still being exposed to offline advertising especially from TV and radio.

Although the rise in importance and influence of digital marketing is undeniable, this does not automatically mean that marketing through traditional channels such as TV, radio and print is no longer needed or effective.

A large chunk of your audience is still being exposed to offline advertising especially from TV and radio.

TV advertising can be quite costly and this means it might not be within every business’s reach. That is only true if we are thinking of TV advertising in the most traditional way such as through a TVC. TV channels and programs have grown to appreciate that not all companies have such a vast budget and therefore offer some more economical options such as product placements, pop-up adverts, sponsorships etc… The same can be said about radio.

NB Marketing can help you reach out to these audiences. Be it TV, radio or print, the process of getting the perfect message across to your audience is similar.

Traditional Marketing

The NB Marketing methodology is as follows:

Evaluation through an Audit

What is your current presence on traditional media? Which channels are being used? Are they the right ones? Should we add more and discard channels which are not working or are they not working simply because they are not being used in an efficient and effective way?

Setting Goals

What do we plan to achieve? Which actions will we take to achieve these results? Which customers do we want to attract? Which content will we develop in order to attract them?

Planned Course of Action

Which traditional channels will we use to disseminate our messages? What budgets are we allocating? Which resources do we need and what is the schedule of our planned campaign?


How effective has our campaign been? Have we managed to generate more traffic and conversions? Could we have done something differently? Which corrective actions should we consider when planning our next campaign?

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