After having studied Marketing and worked in the marketing industry, Nadine felt it was time to start applying her knowledge and wealth of experience to more than one sector of business. This is when NB Marketing was set up.

A couple of years later she was joined by Rob, who had been working in sales and marketing throughout his career. Once both Nadine and Rob were working as a team, this revolutionised the scope and purpose of NB Marketing. Now they could offer more services and therefore appealed to more clients who found most, not to say all, they needed under one roof.

This is the whole idea behind the company; providing comprehensive marketing services to various businesses in different sectors of the market, be it FMCG, fashion, beauty, catering establishments, real estate agencies, home furnishing retailers, hotels etc… In fact, our current clients all pertain to a different industry and that inspires us and motivates us to take on the next challenge with renewed enthusiasm.

NB Marketing can assist you in growing your audience, managing and creating content. We can also help you by managing your social media platforms, advertising, increasing followers’ engagement and driving conversion.

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