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NB Marketing has been a long time coming. After having studied Marketing and worked in the marketing industry, I felt it was time to start applying my knowledge and wealth of experience to more than one sector of business.

This is the whole idea behind the company; providing marketing services to various businesses in different sectors of the market, be it FMCG, fashion, beauty, catering establishments, real estate agencies, home furnishing retailers, hotels etc... In fact, my current clients all pertain to a different industry and that inspires me and motivates me to take on the next challenge with renewed enthusiasm.

Our Approach

What’s in a name?

The letters “NB” are my initials and therefore it is not the first time that upon presenting the name of the company, I am faced with a very disappointed look, as if to say, ‘really?’ and ‘couldn’t you have come up with something catchier/more interesting/ (add any positive adjective of your liking here)?’

The double meaning is in the meaning of the letters “NB” as used in the English language: ‘used before a piece of important information to make certain that readers notice it’.

This is exactly what NB Marketing aims to do; to draw the attention of your target audience to you, your business and what you have to offer and to engage with this audience.

Our Story

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