It is through our designs that we communicate our messages when dealing with visual channels of communication 

Design is another key component in the marketing and branding field. It is through our designs that we communicate our messages when dealing with visual channels of communication such as social media, print, Google display advertising etc…

It is essential to have at least some knowledge of the company or product you are designing for. The traits, values and message and positioning of the client in the market must be communicated through all the different elements of design such as font, colour scheme, mood but also tone of voice and a myriad of other variables.

The medium for which our artwork is going to be used plays another essential role in deciding what our primary goals are. If we are designing a social media post, we know that the image will have to do most of the talking, whilst text must be kept at a minimum. Print adverts can often be used to educate since more text is acceptable in them.

We are keen to assist you in any design needs in order for you get your message out there!

Social Media Artwork

When designing artwork for social media, we need to keep in mind that less is more! Less text, together with an attractive visual, translates into more engagement and reach for your posts. This should be your ultimate goal. Short and sweet are the keywords here.

Vehicle Wrapping

These branded vehicles are like mobile billboards. People are only exposed to this type of advert for a few seconds (unless they are stuck in traffic behind one!). Our message has to be concise and our visual must be eye-catching and as big as possible.

Print Ads

Print advertising can be used in order to reach different marketing goals. Apart from increasing brand awareness, a print advert gives the client the opportunity to ‘talk’ about their service or product in a more detailed way. Contrary to designs for social media, print adverts can be used as an educational vehicle. A platform where they can impart advice, explain benefits, warn their audience etc…

Label & Packaging Design

Designing labels and packaging can be a bit tricky for a designer. One often has to strike the right balance between creativity, product category standards, legal obligations and more. However, this type of design is most probably the most satisfying at the end of the day. When you see your design come to life on an actual product, or when you spot it in a store, it’s always a great feeling!

Digital Display Ads

Whether static or dynamic, this advert must impress your audience and attract their attention in a matter of seconds. Our aim is to make as many people as possible want to know more about what you offer. This is what will make them click on your advert. Once they do, you are free to direct them to a whole load of more information which they can go through at leisure.

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