Traditional Marketing

86% feel exposed to offline advertising mainly from TV (68%) and radio (43%). These percentages are way too steep to ignore.

Digital Marketing

80% of Malta's population access the internet. Of these, 83% own a smartphone, 75% use a laptop, 48% use the tablet. You snooze, you lose!

Social Marketing

80% feel exposed to online advertising mainly from the internet (58%) and social media (57%). The most popular platforms? Facebook & Instagram.

Website Development

Online shopping and research is ever growing. It has never been more important to have a well designed website.

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NB Marketing can be whatever your business needs it to be.

NB Marketing caters for various business’s marketing needs. Whether it's traditional or the ever-growing field of digital marketing. NB Marketing will work to satisfy your marketing needs by giving your business the one-to-one attention it deserves in order to flourish and be successful.

Whether your company needs some temporary guidance or a key player to complement your current team, rest assured that your business’s success will become our priority.

Many companies are quickly realising how crucial it is to market their business.

No matter the size and which market the business is operating in. However, not all companies require or can justify employing a full-time marketing manager. This is where NB Marketing comes in. Let us get to know you and your company. Let us learn about the environment you operate in and we will be able to support, guide and advise you.

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