Florian Deville


Florian is a fantastic pastry chef with a lot of experience. This is easy to see through his own creations. We speak about creations and not about products since what he produces are edible, sweet works of art. Not only does his work look great but if possible, it tastes even better. Florian also offers his services as a consultant.


We were asked to create a logo which will make his art and passion shine through. In this case, the client was the brand. It made no sense to separate the two, also because it would have gone against our end goal. Florian needed to be recognised for his talent and experience and therefore the FD identifier was created, followed by the tagline ‘Sweet Creations’. One of Florian’s requirement was also a logo which can be easily translated into an elegant watermark when he was displaying his work. We must say it worked perfectly.

Client Feedback

The first step in my plan was to create a logo. NB Marketing really created something very personal, in a very professional manner, in a short timeframe, and beyond my expectations. That was the first step of our collaboration, and we now continue collaborating, to develop what we started. I can say that I would have never managed to put this all this together without them.

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