Health Plus


Health Plus, Malta’s leading distributor in the Natural Health and Beauty sector, targets Malta’s health conscious community. We specialise in Gluten Free and Organic foods as well as Natural Food Supplements, Herbal Remedies and Organic Toiletries.


To build a new website which is mobile friendly, easy to navigate and with multiple filters enabling the client to easily view products suited to their dietary requirements. The website needed to have a two way interface with the stores stock control and invoicing system.

Client Feedback

We are extremely satisfied with the websites created specifically to our needs. Rob gives much attention to detail and travels that extra mile to help us achieve our dreams and satisfy all our wishes. Nothing is impossible is his motto and whatever we ask for, he makes it a point to factuate or find the right solution. Together with his lovely wife and Marketing expert Nadine, they are a duo that won’t let you down as they are so genuine in their work and in the sincere advice they give you throughout. They are always available to answer any query 24/7 which I think is crucial to the success of a website, as one needs to be very hands-on to daily issues.

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