Influencer Marketing – it is worth your while?

Influencer marketing has been on the rise in the past couple of years and it seems this trend is most likely to continue. So there you go…I already kind of answered the question – it is worth your while but only if you do it well. Here comes the tricky part.

Influencer marketing in Malta is an especially challenging job. Why? Well, the number of actual influencers is very limited and the number of businesses engaging them is big. This means that your first priority is going to be that of picking the right influencer for your business.

Picking the right influencer/s

Take a deep look into your business and study the pool of influencers which your market provides you with. What are your points in common? What audience is you influencer targeting? Do they coincide? Will the influencer manage to portray the message you want them to portray in the right way? Do you have similar values, beliefs, etc…?

Pick & Choose

Having a plan

Many businesses which claim that influencer marketing is not worth it say so only because they have most probably handled it in the wrong way. How? By not having an action plan in place. You cannot just hand over a number of products or explain a service and expect the influencer to work her/his magic. It does not work like that! As part of their job, professional influencers must take the time to study your product or service, understand it and actually like it! Yes! Once there is enough common ground, a plan must be devised as to how, when, for how long and where the influencer is going to promote your goods or services.

Longterm Planning

Influencer marketing often fails to work if a business engages a person only for a limited amount of time or when they think they are in a crisis and they need to do something fast. It is imperative to pick the right persons because you will want to work with them for a long time, not for a month or two. Doing this undermines the credibility of both the influencer and your business. Once follows repeatedly see an influencer using the same products and services, they will be more likely to be influenced because they already trust the influencer.


Is it effective?

If done well, yes it is effective. It is quite a challenge to actually measure its effectiveness. It is for this reason that you have to be in close contact with your pick. Let them show you their engagement metrics. Have them provide you with links of all they have posted for you. Expect them to show you actual feedback such as private messages they receive relative to content that has been posted for your business. Sounds time-consuming? It is, but it is worth it!

Why does it work?

Here are some brief reasons why it works:

  • It is considered more authentic than an advert
  • It is more cost-effective than standard advertising
  • It’s a way to build trust with your audience
  • It provides access to a large audience
  • It provides real-time engagement
  • It helps win over new target audiences
  • It provides you with content which you can share in order to augment its effectiveness & exposure

If you would like to engage in influencer marketing, we can assist you. At NB Marketing we currently collaborate with some of the best on the Maltese influencer scene and can guide you accordingly. Send us an email on nadine@nbmarketing.eu.

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