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5 ideas for social media posts

Marketers are the first to tell anyone managing a social media platform to be consistent in posting and stress the importance of frequency. However, what is equally important is the quality of what you post. This can turn out to be quite a tricky subject. Sometimes we all get stuck when it comes to posting engaging content and we might fall victim of posting the first thing which comes to mind in order to ‘fill the gap’. BIG MISTAKE! Here are 5 ideas you might want to resort to when you get a content block:


Posting blog posts serve multiple purposes. Not only does it fill your content calendar nicely, but it also gives you the opportunity to share your opinion or experience in a meaningful way which others will find useful. Blog posts are a great way of building rapport with your followers which in turn, makes them feel closer to you and your business whilst encouraging loyalty.


Sharing industry news also serves a triple purpose. Firstly, it will prove that you are on the ball. It also proves that you are well informed about what happens in your field of work and expertise. Secondly, your followers can find it handy to rely on your posts in order to keep up to date. Thirdly, it will place your business within a much wider playing field. You will go beyond your locality or country. We are speaking about industry news and we are part of that much bigger picture too.


These type of posts are a magnet for engagement which social media managers are so thirsty for. Ask a relevant question. Don’t make it complicated. Actually, the simpler it is the better. If you are clever enough to formulate the right type of questions, you can use the feedback you get in order to help you make future decisions about your business. For example, a food importer might ask whether followers would like to see more gluten free or diabetic food options on the market. Based on the response, the business might opt to import one type of food over the other the next time round.


Apart from being marketers we are also customers and we know that businesses tend to promise the world as long as it gets you through their doors and results in a sale. This is exactly why customer testimonials are so important to potential customers who are still conducting their research prior to making a choice. if you are lucky enough to have genuine testimonials, use them to your advantage and publish them in your feeds.


I recently read that social media platforms which engage in frequent giveaways, grow 70% faster than others which do not. That is a statistic one cannot ignore! What you give away can vary depending on your business, however, this will give you a boost in the engagement which will also help in building your audience. 

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