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Are you ready to communicate with your customers & potential customers?

So much work is done, so much effort is made and so many resources are used (sometimes wasted) in order to attract the attention of our customers or potential customers. We all agree that we must ‘rise against the noise’ and that ‘competition is tough’. Also, attracting someone’s attention is becoming increasingly difficult as more channels of communication are available. My point is, once you manage to do that, once you manage to attract their attention, do you know how to handle what comes next? 

What comes next is opportunity and opportunity presents itself in the form of communication. Nowadays, communication is less straightforward than it once was. This is so simply because there are multiple channels through which we can be approached. We are creating these channels, we are opening these doors. However, opening a door to someone simply to slam it shut in their face again can do your business more damage than good. 

Here are 2 practical examples of lack of appropriate communication can harm your business. One example will be offline and one will be online.


As a business owner, (let us imagine you own a shop), you are surely taking some initiative to attract people to your shop, be it by having an attractive shop window, reaching out to them via social media, advertising in various forms etc… You are doing all this to achieve 2 things primarily:

1. Getting the people to visit your shop and

2. Converting those people into customers once they purchase something from your shop.

Once the potential customer enters the shop, phase one of your strategy has worked. How about part 2? Whether it is you as the business owner or your staff, think! Are you or are they prepared to handle the interaction? Do you know how to handle your potential clients? What should you and what shouldn’t you tell them? Are you aware of which type of behavior will make the difference and encourage the person to become an active customer? If you are not knowledgable about these things and neither is your staff, then chances are you will be seeing very few conversions.


Facebook Pages or Websites: What is the point of working tirelessly to create a community through Facebook, collect likes, come up with interesting content. Why are you trying to engage with your customers or potential customers etc… if you have no one who is responsible to reply to comments or private messages on that page or on your website? I was reviewing a potential client’s Facebook page just yesterday. Loads of likes but poor engagement and NO REPLIES! What a pity! There were comments on the page which were over a week old and they were still unanswered! This business is missing out on a lot of potential. The person who tried to communicate with them be let down. Others will not be encouraged to communicate with this business either. The negative impact is much stronger than one would think.

So, advice number one: do not open a multitude of channels if you cannot cope with the people who might reach out to you through them. It’s no use having accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and the like if you cannot cope with managing them. Settle for the channels which best suit your business and start off from there.

Advice number two: make sure that people’s communication with you does not remain one-sided or ignored. In today’s world where immediacy has become the norm, you cannot expect people to get in touch with you and not expect a reply within a couple of hours maximum. 

Advice number three: if you do not wish to miss out on any opportunities but you do not have the time to manage this part of the business yourself, then it might be time to hire some marketing help.

Get in touch with NB Marketing and we will assist you in finding a tailor-made solution to your communication issues.

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