How Often & What Should You Post on Instagram?

Once you have decided that Instagram is a social media platform which will enhance your brand/business, you need to make sure to make the best out of it. One of the most frequent questions clients ask us is: how many posts per day should we be posting? As confusing as this may sound, there is no one right answer for all businesses. Here’s why…

How often should I post? What do studies suggest?

Studies suggest an average of 1.5 posts per day as a general guideline. Does that mean that is the amount you should be posting? Not necessarily. The real answer is that you should post as often as you can keep up with. A mistake many businesses do is posting in bursts. This means that they would post 5 or more posts on a particular day only to disappear for a whole week later. This is confusing for your audience and will not bring you the results you want which should be engagement and brand awareness. If you can CONSISTENTLY post only 1 post per day or 1 post every 3 days, that is how often you should be posting. Is it enough? probably not, so it might be the right time to engage someone to handle this medium for you.

What should I be posting?

The second question you need to answer is about the content you will be posting. As always, think QUALITY over QUANTITY. Instagram relies heavily on the aesthetics of the pictures you post. Posting poor quality pictures will harm your business and get in the way of your ultimate aim. People following you will lose interest and are likely to unfollow you.

The prefect ingredients for a properly functioning Instagram account are:

  • Consistent Posting
  • Quality Content
  • Mastering the use this social media platform (such as the importance of using hashtags properly, having a business account which will provide you with analytics etc…)

If you need help with social media management or just need some consultancy to get you started, get in touch with us on nadine@nbmarketing.eu for a quotation.

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