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The 5 Golden Rules of Instagram

Instagram’s popularity in Malta is soaring by the minute. Chances are, that if you own a business and you are not present on Instagram, someone has urged you to open an account. However, once that account is open, you need to know how to handle it. Here are some golden rules you should be following:

 1. Post Great Quality Photos

Instagram is based on imagery and posting the right photos is essential. Take the time to find or take a great shot. Edit your photos in order to banish any flaws. Give the caption which will accompany your image some thought and hashtag accordingly. The quality of your images will make or break your account.

2. Take the time to build you followers

Do not be tempted to purchase followers. Let the element of Instagram take its natural course. By purchasing followers, you will only be fooling yourself. These type of followers will not interact with your account and you will be caught out pretty quickly so why risk it?

3. Use Hashtags

Posting on Instagram without using hashtags will guarantee your account will not grow. Instagram allows users to use as many as 30 hashtags per post. Make good use of them and when possible use them all. The more popular the hashtags you use are, the more potential your account has to grow.

4. Answer Comments

The whole point of Instagram is to communicate with your public. Why go through all the process only not to respond to followers who are engaging with you. Makes no sense right? Make sure you reply to each comment in order to encourage future engagement as well as the growth of your account.

5. Interact

Interaction is key to your account growth. Apart from answering comments, interaction with hashtags you use is crucial. The reason behind this is that you will be prooving to Instagram that you are active within the communities that these hashtags represent. Ideally, you should interact with your most commonly used hashtags both before and after posting.

Just like any other social media platform, Instagram has its does and don’ts and following these rules will ensure you reach your objectives in a shorter span of time.

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