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Why are content calendars so important?

If you agree with the statement that ‘content is king’, then you must also realise how important it is to have and follow a content calendar, right? WRONG! The same people who say they believe in that statement are often caught in the act of posting content in a random fashion! Very bad indeed!!


Although having a content calendar might seem daunting, in reality, it is quite the opposite. Whether you jot your content ideas on a calendar, excel sheet or a template you create yourself or find online, the truth is that using it will save you so much time in the long term. 


From a strategy point of view, content calendars help you keep track of what you are placing your focus on. They will also help you keep an organized log of your content schedules. Try and keep a content calendar for at least 3 consecutive weeks or ideally, a month. When working on your calendar, choose the themes you will focus on and post consistent and coherent content. Your audience will definitely appreciate it.


Content calendars will become like a diary. You can freely refer back to what content was posted 1 or 3 months ago by just referring to the calendar. This sounds more appealing then having to scroll endlessly through your social media platforms. It is good to consult your calendar in order not to be repetitive in your proposed content. Is also helps to get ideas about some themes you would like to delve deeper into.


If you are working on behalf of a client, it is also easy to refer to your content calendar in order to be able to supply a report. Refer to the calendar to know what was done in the past month or so. When you are asked to present a synopsis of your work you will thank yourself. Let your client know you are using the calendar. Ideally, you would work on the calendar together. This will ensure your communication is effective and that you are putting across the messages they want to get out there.

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